A novel multi-layer predictor for discovering general and specific types promoters based on the combination and selection of multiple sequence information

Promoters are short consensus sequences of DNA fragments at a specific location, whose role is to initiate transcription of a particular gene. However, it is still a critical bottleneck for the precise prediction of promoters for individual promoter usually differs from the consensus at one or more position. Here, we developed a two layers predictor called MULTiPly to recognize the promoter and its specific type. The MULTiPly web server was implemented using MATLAB and Java Server Pages and managed by Tomcat 7 and resides on a Windows server. The server requires DNA sequences in the FASTA format as the input.

Input sequences in FASTA format or Upload a FASTA format file

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You can also use our local tool to do some predictions

The local version of MULTiPly is provided here. MULTiPly was written in MATLAB, so please make sure your computer has MATLAB installed.

* Please compile the libsvm package with your MATLAB and add it to the MATLAB searching path. You can use MULTiPly.m to run local version of MULTiPly.

The datasets used for building MULTiPly are available for download here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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